Big push for the first 30 minutes ready in distribution format

My big push now is getting the first 30 minutes of the film in my distribution format.  Locked down the process and am conforming now.  I moved away from reals and to 30 minute chunks, just a bit simpler to handle(basically 3 “core” files, and a opening file and a credits file).

Stupid blog isn’t showing my posts correctly, my next huge thing is prepping the P&A resources ( for print and advertising).


Shot in kitchen with egg and the frying pan

R1. everything on the roto is NOT working; so mask out the pants and do a overlay in the xsen suite for the painter

  • Xsen suit for painter on that comp is … ? (C012 is July28_2015-20, C010 is july28_2015-018.MVN  … obviously the dates on the record are wrong, also comments in the file are wrong .. says C011; -19 is actually C011)
  • motion builder isn’t reducing the key count from 240 fps to 24 fps after doing the filter, i’ll just keep it at 24 fps, probably wouldn’t hurt if I do the particle release at 24 fps, if i’m doing a water simulation btw.
  • got the performance capture and my model now in maya, need to bring in the lidar tomorrow so I can aim the camera properly