A & B camera setup for Building the Greenhouse

There’s a ton of vfx for building the greenhouse, but it’s a mix of vfx with real shots.

0528161937When viewed from the virtual world (i.e. the girl), they see the construction through  a spherical puddle, so the “b” camera is for the VR shooting.  That is using a Movi M15 with a 5.8mm lens and a RED weapon Magnum at 6k.

The perspective from the “real” world is being shot through a Arri Master Prime Annamorphic 35 mm lens ( at a 3.0 aspect ratio but I crop that to 2.4).


So I’m prepping the rigs right now for sunday and monday’s shoot, this will be a ton of work since it has a bunch of “weed” clearing shots too.