Reshot & Finnished a Problematic Scene

There’s this critical scene, where the painter leaves the house for the first time: there’s two “door” transitions, also the “boy” is introduced, and he is sitting behind some weeds against a second door.  There is even a reflection sequence that has to get merged with the ray tracing.  Anyway, I originally messed with this scene a lot, and got back some comments from reel reviewers – basically this scene stood out as being lower quality and disconnected.

So I reshot the scene on sunday, and just finished compositing it today.  Is only about 10 seconds long, but it requires about all my skills … I think I’m finally feeling confident in my compositing, especially very difficult scenes.  I also didn’t need to redo the ray rendering, so I feel good about mapping 3d composites now (and this render is between a background and weeds that are moving in the wind).