First ADR Session Completed

I had to redo my ADR session from yesterday, but was able to shoot and do the ADR to completion today (all the way from capture adr thru compositing to the moving mouth into the puddles).  The composite is completing right now, I need to do the eye glasses so was writing to prores … I think I might restart the job going to exr dwb since adding the glasses will be easier from exr and I don’t light multiple read/writes to prores.  I’ll do the kitchen scene tomoroh as well as mix in the actual audio.   So that will be my first time having full dialog in the reel, I hope to have that done tomoroh.

I btw liked the main actor, the painter, to have bit more “abstract” face.  I was doing the face so it was matching things down to hairs and it just didn’t feel right.  (probably that “uncanny” valley people talk about)