Performance Capture ADR

I have it working now generating full geometries and facial tracking without using maya rigs, just reflecting and transorming spaces to create the geometries.  Is super CPU intensive, I hope people enjoy that the ADR is done by directly manipulating the pixels from the ADR session.  I really like the concept of blending the sound with the spatial tension coming from the camera.  I btw tried to use a shotgun mic for adr, but it just didn’t feel right as I was transforming the space, so I am using a 4 mic array for ADR.  I need to figure out how to move around the 5.1 sound all over the place so it doesn’t loose sync with the puddles that are now moving.

I should probably film me doing a ADR session one of these days, is fairly insane looking.  I btw added glasses to the painter, it will make sense later on.