Software Versions and Service Packs

Going crazy this mourning, I think my maya service patches were out of sync.  When this happens it’s not like things “stop”, but you get all sorts of little problems.  Like in maya my bifrost mesh wasn’t working sometimes because a patch from MentalRay (which I think is a different company from autodesk), wasn’t exactly on the same service patch.

I have a ton of software primarily on 5 systems, in a “real” shop I’m sure they would no the exact version and service patch for each piece of software on each machine.  I’ve only recently started putting all my software images on a shared drive network drive, then installing from that.

I got a head ache, it’s the small stuff that kills me.  Here’s the critical list & flow of software I use in my workflow with version numbers: Red weapon Firmware ?v?,  XSENS MVN and software?I’m not even sure of the name, that have wierd naming convention on thier software?, Nuke version 9.0.8? (testing 10), maya 2016 SP5, Mental ray SP5, plantfactory V?, Davinci resolve 12.4

Ick, I don’t even know half of the versions numbers on my primary machines, I doubt the versions are the same across all 5 machines … my headache is getting worse.  LMAO … I even forgot about protools which is 12.4 ( i think i confused the protools version with the davinci version), protools apps and stuff also have a trillion versions.


Cool, that update on the service patches got it.  I btw had to clean up some of my network disk, that broke for a bit … everything is good right now … i think i need to go get a latte.


9 PM … bifrost is still exploding/not working/breaking … all at different spots.  I’m going to have to move the entire simulation to windows … I’ll do that tomoroh.  The tutorials on it just are a bit bogus, they don’t take into consideration how flacky it is.  All this flacky vfx software drives me insane, I should have just coded everything myself.  If I don’t get this done by tomoroh afternoon I’ll have to learn Houdini water, which is a major learning thing – not what I wanted to do tomoroh.

I’m going to go insane, houdini license server is a total pain in the axx. Trying to install the recent version and the license server is messed up.

11:20 pm, I have a solution.  I’ll do small patches of the bifrost simulation then composite them in nuke.  Nuke btw is the greatest piece of software I have, is simply amazing and mastering it has been key to getting my film done.