Working on bifrost and doing practical textures

I need to get the water flow simulations going for the scenes.  I changed my water flow simulator and cut over to mostly doing things in maya – so using a mix of nparticles and bifrost.  I really need to get a critical scene out today.  Also I need to do some performance capture on the xsen suites today.

W003_C010_0203PGKind of messing around, but I just love doing the practicals for the vfx, did a bunch of textures for the water scenes.  I btw really like using the red prime pro 50mm PL lense for practicals.  It’s a fairly cheap spherical PL lens, gosh cost I think about 20x less then my Arri Master Prime Anamorphis – but for practicals it does a great job.  Also it creates textures which I can create 12k by 12k mosaics which I can smoothly scroll and morph onto 8k plates.  Here’s a linke the r3d for those that like to play around with things: R3D link of a practical texture shot (used for vfx)