8K adaptive frames working finally

My adaptive frames (AF) are now 8k, was kind of tough getting it all working and getting my 8k AF compositing and texturing going.  I like the texture of the house (which is projected), but I’m working on the look of the tree.  Also I need to do the performance of the women and little girl, I’ll ponder doing that tomoroh.

I btw really like the red weapon, it’s a lot easier to use then the dragon epic.  I don’t like prores out of it, just not enough bits – so I will be sticking with 6k R3D files.   For the 8k adaptive frame textures I’m finding I need max resolution, so might also go to 3/2 anamorphic aspect ratio with 2:1 redcode. (i.e. film at a 3:1 ratio rather then 2.4).  I have no idea when the 8k read weapon will arrive, can’t be soon enough.