Projection Mapping the Growth

The projection mapping on even the 144 megabyte models of growth is pretty quick.  I’m running it in about 30 gig of memory and it’s taking about 1/4 of a second, so you can move the camera’s around near real time and see the result.  Some of this might go a bit underground for a while, so not sure how many shots i’ll show.  Is seriously impressive.

Without shading, I’m getting full 30 to 60 fps updates, so full realtime which allows quick creative decisions.  So the “final” render should be taking about 1 second per frame.  That would be I think will be one 4k files and three 1080p files.  Not sure how to do color grading on the 1080p files (will need to go through a seperate grading pipleline).

I btw got my Adaptive Multi Point of View file format specified.  Is real nice, has full 360 view and depth (so can re-create for 3d).  Does take about 1 minute per frame so isn’t cheap to do (I might need to get another computer just to render the AMPV files – only about half the film is in AMPV format though which btw is in a OpenEXR container).  I just look looked at the performance curve … it’s using all 20 cores go to 100% about half of the job per frame, and that is with a m6000.  I think It will only need about 64 gig of RAM, hmmm … i need to ponder which machine this will run on (it’s too big of a job for my older windows machines, could go onto my “maya”/VUE machine.  I’ll probably just kick these runs off at night.  lets see 1 minute per frame, that is about 2 second of a shot per hour, which would be about 16 seconds per night.  Hmmm … that’s way too slow.  I’m going to need to reduce this time by a factor of 4 (i.e. I think I could live with 1 minute of film finished per night).

sphere_ampfThis is what the end result looks like during my AMPV render testing inside of nukex.  So by playing around a bit and doing some speed tests on the AMPV format, got it to 20 seconds per frame – that’s in the reasonable speed side.  That’s about 100 seconds of a shot per night, which really is max on how much I can finish per day.   So I will stick with that (using a wierd 4k anamorphic’ish format, is kind of like a 8k anamorphic which btw I should have a camera for that latter this year).  As a side note I need to run it with a notch filter on one of the projection steps.