Growing Home

Ok … i’ll give a bit of a blow by blow Growing the home.  Here’s my first generation of the home with vines.  (btw I like how the mid vine grew so i changed where the opening was to the painters shed, it’s closer to the “clock” – of which now I will have to lidar that today and grow some vines around it.)

house_with_vines_01To the side is my 7th version of the vines, 1-6 I “attemped yesterday and they were not working, because I had setup my scale completely wrong, so my sleeping learning approach worked (I only did one cycle of sleep learning).




Ok … after a bunch of processing, this what I have.  Will be good enough for the first shot since there’s a ton of fog and mostly close ups:



hmmm … looking at this a bit … too boring.  Trying to do something a bit more interesting but getting a lot of crashes. Ok, got something cool … trying to do the export in fbx … crossing fingers …


Well the master Maya file for this scene is around 150 megabytes, which I think is a bit too big for nuke dealing with things.  I’ll try that tomoroh, but here is the master maya file that is now ready (vr_house_and_tree_v0032.mb):