Creating the world for about half of the film

I’ve created the world for about half of the film: the world from the model and little girls viewpoint.  Took me awhile, the entire “theory” is so obvious once I finished it, but was a struggle getting there.  Basically the girls world is a exact physical reflection from the painters world but is 90 degrees rotated spatially from the doorstep.  While the Painters world is closed off by the house, the girls world has mostly walls removed, with waterfalls and rivers all around.  The primary interface being the current painters painting (in the shed) which is a small reflecting pool/puddle at the base of the girls world (which is next to a river).

girlsworldbeforevueHere’s a Maya render inside the real life blocking for the Model and the Girl  (i.e. it’s aligned to the real house).  I will load in the VUE world tomoroh which will be mapped over the performance capture blocking(blocking in film talk is where the actors need to move).  Then when I do the performance capture, the performance capture will align with the “vue” world (which is really cool).  When vue world then is loaded into nukex(along with particle meshes of water flows), nukex does projection mapping from r3d files onto the Vue world objects.  Finally the performance capture is UV placed over the projections mappings, to create the liquid forms.