Got the shot, forgot the lidar

Lidar Preview mapHere’s the lidar of shot P041, I went back to get. I also included the model for those wanting to play with it: model file


Got the shot of the painter walking toward the Model (whom is inside the paining) in the shed.  Did it in one take, with all the techie stuff it’s too hard for me to get in the “acting” mode, so I do the setup of the camera & lights & everythign … then think things through and just do the acting.  I actually added a few plot points when I did the acting, which points are now in the back of my mind with small visual triggers captured via camera.  I think it’s important to capture the performance during the shot, not creating the performance in post.

I did forget to do the lidar of that shot, I fortunetly didn’t move the tripod, so I think I’ll be able to go get an accurate 3d configuration of the room and camera angle.  I did the shot with a 35mm master prime anamorphic at t1.9 (wide open).