My daily work pattern, of sorts – need to get into a cycle

Since I shoot, do the vfx, and also the performance capture – it’s hard to get a daily work plan going.  So I’m going to focus on just getting one major piece done per day, not try and do every facet of film making in one day (just makes me mentally fractured and I can’t finish anything).  I’ll be reshooting p033 tomoroh, then wed. do the vfx for it.

P033 is the painter entering the shed with vfx “painting” in the background.  I need to reshoot p033, the framing of the vfx painting isn’t in the right place(the shot was framed too low).  p033 was blocked with the Model sitting on a chair in front of a real painting.  The shot is now the model looking out from a vfx generated painting that she is inside of.  Currently the painters pants aren’t creating a clean cut from the previous shot (P032), so I had to reverse the entire plate on p033 for the cut from p032.  Tomoroh it’s going to be raining, and that shot is designed to be with the camera looking from outside into the shed(which will not work in the rain).  What I will probably do is go with a 35mm anamorphic lens and have the camera inside.  Also the shot needs to start with the painter blocking the right 1/4 side of the camera frame.

I need to do full motion capture with the xsen setup.  Aside from doing the scene downstairs with the painter in the shed,  I still haven’t got the motion capture of the little girl and femal model inside the painting. I’ve been eating a bit too much icecream this weekend and feel bloated, doing a lot of motion capture is a fairly athletic thing which also mixes with me moving the camera’s and such.