Nice doing some photography for a change, rather then doing vfx

plate_stripI did a lot of practical photography today, for the painting sequences and “china” gold land areas.  Was nice getting away from the computer and actually moving stuff around, doing a cinematography shoot (even though it was for vfx practicals).  I’ll post some of the plate strips.  4k by 12k pixel strips mostly, with some 24k by 12k merges (so some huge plates).   I’ll be using these plates as projections into a vue built scene.

I need to figure out how to stitch these guys together.  I’m pondering on getting even closer and getting a 36k plate.  Another approach is doing multiple projections and render it in nuke.  Nuke beta has some new stuff, but the new scanline render I don’t think is out.  Might just do it the old way with multiple projections, and convert each slice into a 6k by 1.5k projection slice onto a 3d terain.