Antoginist that are Sociopaths & Psychopaths

The antoginists in Pudls are sociopaths and psychopaths.  I’ve noticed various definitions for these both, I like to merge them a bit for my character.  I simplify this a bit in that the antogonist is someone that is trying to kill society, they are themselves inherently inneficient and do not want to compete in a fair playground, will attack society by moving up social chains, tell people exactly what they want to hear to move up social hiarchy, ultimately control others in a social hiarchy that is inneficient.   I started off the film with basically “eat whole foods that are primarily vegatables”, and was finding perty much everyone knows that but their are systems in place that have been running for a long time that make this very hard.

One interesting thing on sociopaths/psychopaths is how they gain social power.  I think this gaining of social power, at the individual relationship such as some men abusing women, or at the political level where a person erodes the rights of others in order to control them … for both of these I study exactly how the sociopath gains social power from otherwise “normal” people.  As a plot progression: the sociopath has a hole in thier emotional system; realizes that and hides it; studies emotional weaknesses in others and uses that to look how to degrade them; manipulates emotional stress/weakness of others to gain wider social impact; finally controls a wider group as the sociopath has “gained” in a social network.

From a personal viewpoint, I think it’s real important to recognize sociopaths and psychopaths, and don’t give them power over you.