Been messing with a shot forever, going to nail it today

I’d hate to think how much time i’ve spent on this single shot … it’s basically one of the early shots I had of the painter moving down a hall way and with animal movement.  I went to do a conform on it yesterday and found I couldn’t because a bunch of intermediary files were missing and I had changed the nodes significantly.

The nodes on this comp are hideus looking, I’m going to clean up this shot, and if I can’t clean it up today i’m going to drop it from the film. (p031_c007)


Cool , it’s 5:30 pm and I finished it –  is looking real nice also I deleted about 80% of the nodes in nuke.  I added a frame cut in the nuke composite which I think feels real good, my edit/frame cuts are starting work.  The entire render for the 271 frames was around 8 minutes, which I think is pretty quick (that is a direct read in nuke from the r3d all the way to the final composite which goes into davinci).