Moved from P3 to Rec 709 color grading

I am doing all my editing and finishing on Davinci Resolve right now.  My temp reel cuts were becoming a hassle to do in p3, and I didn’t like the conversion look when I uploaded them for reviews.  So I moved my screen and all finishing to rec709.  When the movie is goes to the “final” finishing step, it will then get a p3 grade (probably just use my grade I’m doing as a reference but otherwise not use it).

I’m cleaning up a lot of my cuts right now, also am a lot more accurate on start/stop frames that need to be animated.  This speeds everything up a lot from a schedule viewpoint, since I’m only animating what is exactly necessary.

I need to start a music track soon, I should be getting in a sound isolation box, so my room won’t be so noise … and can do more with protools 12 (which btw is working very well).