A plan

I’m putting the lidar scans in the folder of the r3d, also when I take the lidar scan the camera is part of the scan, so i have exact camera placement for the scan. So this mourning Pick Up  Shots are:

P039_C001 was shot with a 35mm anamorphic (putting on shoes)

P039_C002 was shot with a 50mm anamorphic (close up cracking egg)

P039_C003 was shot with a 50mm anamorphic (differen ways of walking away from pan, locked off shot from C002


Doing the vfx and compositing for these shots now.  I think I’ll P039_C001 first, so I can finish off the back door /snake shots.  Then I’ll do C002/C003, goal is to shoot the picku shot and complete it all the way through vfx in one day – TODAY.  (turning my phone off btw, if anyone’s trying to get hold of me, to complete this work)

Having some prores 444 speed problems on the mac, just going to flip to dpx to get stuff done. LOL … now moue isn’t working on the 12 core mac, entire keyboard config i guess isn’t reading.  Plugged in mechanical keyboard, it’s working.  I end up having a lot of problems with mac keyboards btw, they are just way too wimpy.

Man, just found a super cool way of clean plating that was built into nuke 9, a for sure speed up on what I was doing.  6:29 pm, still rotoing the knee’s.  Well it’s 9 pm, I do really like the look on putting on the shoes, the nuke script is btw real clean.  I think it’s possible to do a pickup shot and get it through vfx and even compositing is doable in a day, not sure if it’s possible to do two scenes all the way from shooting with the camera to final output in a day.  Perhaps as I get quicker on things.