Clean and Catching up …

Going to go through all my tasks this week, and see which ones I can finish up by sunday, to get as many of the elments completly done.

Things I need to do are:

  1. roto out the painter in cut 2 (i btw am using the Tangent key system, is drastically improving my roto speed] This roto just isn’t working out, good practice but the shot is looking down too much and the angle is confusing as I look at the dog.  I’m going to reshoot this.  also get do performance capture of it, and do the dog in the same take group.  I didn’t wear the XSEN suite when I did this shot, and that was a mistake.
  2. move the HP computer so my knee’s aren’t hitting it
  3. get a mocha (almond milk, ductch cocoa with no sugar, two shots espresso, whip cream [DONE on the mocha]
  4. got my davinci studio, so installing that … this is my kind of “fun” task [ I got davinci and the panels working … I’ll do some training on it tomoroh]