Got nuke on track, using grid operations today

Got my changes working in nuke,  the “appendclip” and retiming stuff has to be done a certain way, I tend on transforming space and time all over the place, nuke doesn’t like that.  I will be using grid based transforms today, haven’t used those significantly before, but are required for the snake to go through the door in water form (most people would have probably done this in maya, but I do a lot of the “maya” type of things in nuke for turn around speed reasons).  Just brought up my performance monitor while doing a nuke batch, I noticed everything is 100% maxed – all 20 cores are maxed and I think the GPU is also maxed, then speeds are even high (around 500 megabytes per second).  It’s nice that I finally have my workload processing balanced.  On this run I’m doing is mostly on EXR since i have both normal transforms and velocity transforms per pixel I need to use, result is to a prores file though.

I just received my tangent element keyboard, so I will be setting up my color correction system up Monday 😉    Trying to decide the best way to do it, initially I had my windows doing the color correction inside studio, but nuke studio is just too buggy right now, so moved recently over to davinci.  With davinci how I have my setup, it needs to run on a mac, but on my mac I’m not sure I can use the 4k display.  So I need to really test if the mac can output to my 4k display through davinci, the mac does go correctly to myt 2k color correction screen.  So i should be ok with 4k.  The way I have my desks layed out, this would mean moving my computers slightly.

I am running a batch command on nuke using grid transforms on liquid, is working out well, but I think I’ll need to roto paint it a bit for the final.  The nuke gridwarp node has a nice feature in that I can turn it on/off within a range, so most of the time it isn’t hitting on the cpu very hard.  When the grid transform is active I did notice a significant slow down of frames rendered per second.

Working on the dog now. Actually going to mess with my tangent panel, I need a mental break and will do the dog after 8pm.  On the panel, I did some research and I’ll need to use the most recent version of the mac OS to use my color grading monitors, but the most recent version of OSX works flaky with davinci, so I’ll do my grading on windows 7 20 core system that already has my 4k grading monitor.  I’ll start doing more nuke batch jobs on my 12 core mac pro, I have that set up already anyway.  So all I need to do is plug in my color grading interface to my windows and i’m good to go 😉  GOT IT WORKING, atleast got it working with MAYA, which I think is a bit harder to do since I need to map the keys through this program I downloaded.

On the dog, which is pretty much the painters spirit guide, I wonder if I should just stretch the image of man into the dog.  Would line up much better with the skeletons, since I’m doing the performance capture of the dog with my skeleton – and need to match up my skeleton with the dog every time i need to animate the dog.  Would make the dog a bit wierd looking, but I was looking at meshes … a kind of deformed dog would be pretty freaky as a spirit guide – definatly would be visually interesting.  I might even cut off the back leg of the dog, would make it hop around more, would line up actually better with my performance capture since I don’t move very well as a dog.  ok … so I’m not going to have a back leg for this dog – i hope this makes plot sense later on since I do not want to go back and redo a bunch of animations.

Man, this dog’s looking pretty gnarly.  I have the dog animated now, actually emits emotion and is kind of creepy, mangled … so the fact that the character comes across is good I guess from an “animation” viewpoint … emotionally I wish it looked a bit nicer – i might have to blur the normals a bit.  Ok, doing the render, I’ll do the nuke step tomoroh mourning … and it’s only 11:54 ! ok, 2 am, kicked off the nuke run that has people->snake with the dog.  going to bed.