working through the nights

Trying to get the kitchen and door/people scenes done.  Working through the nights and taking naps while batches are going.  Is progressing and the performance capture is looking good.  Converting People to the Snake is up today, so need to get that going.  I’m going to kick off a rough of the kitchen scene in about 5 minutes, then get some coffee or something.  Did a quick check and it’s looking good on the kitche scene, I like how People is merging out from the Painter in the “background” (i.e. a clue).  I didn’t have a floor shadow on People, that shot really needs for me to add some floor shadows.

Ok, started on P037_C001, fortunately it used the performance capture continuation of P029_C010, so the Maya runs are set up fairly well.  I’m setting up P037_C001 directory on the NAS right now, I need to search for my lidar scans though that will match that scene.  Also I need to bring in the performance capture of the Dog into maya, I do have the dog mesh around somewhere though.  I actually haven’t animated a dog yet, so need to put that together also today.  Got the conform going now for cut1 and cut2, doing prores in the nuke chain.  Actually could have shot on prores, but I did mess with the r3d a bit on ISO, so if I didn’t have a raw and shot it directly with prores I would be lacking some depth in the highlights.

It’s cold outside with my window fully open, and it feels nice with all the computers going … I really need to finish the vfx up before the summer hits.


Ok … todo’s for tonight

  1. find lidar of the back door [found, all my lidar’s is labaled by the download day of the email it was loaded on!!!arghh!!! that is hopeless – from now on all LIDAR will be done on the same day as the shot, and will be labeled first by the Primary Camera R3D, secondly by the scene section]
  2. find mesh of dog
  3. bend the dog mesh into a tpose
  4. pick best dog for the xsen mvn, convert that to fbx (remember to do the 10x reduction new trick i learned)
  5. position camera for P037_C001, Lidar to the camera then, People to the lidar
  6. position dog to the lidar
  7. do a rough render pass with both dog and people in maya, should be seperate exr files for people and dog
  8. do a rough render on cut1 of people and dog in Nuke

… I keep on getting crashes in MAYA on the LIDAR mesh of the back door … arghh … i’ve redone the material and also cleaned the mesh.  Seems fine on the mac side but explodes on the windows side.  Got it, just had to be fanatical about paths on the lidar textures.  Classic how programs like this basically just crash when things aren’t perfect.

hmmm … it’s only 7 pm at night, and I have the first maya UV render running, I might just finish by 2 am ?  My rendering speeds are now subsecond on complex 4k renders of caustics (i.e. liquids), real good times – without these type of speed up’s i’d never finish this film (i’d say normal films are around 2 minutes per render on things like this, so they need hundreds of computers to render going way slower then my process.  I just use the one 20 Core computer with i think around 3000 cuda cores, and have a second mac pro to edit on since I have two licenses of maya 2016. Well the run was fairly good on nuke, but LOL was getting way to much Bum on People, so even though it’s not the exact place where the performance capture angle took place I moved things around.  Rerunning the MAYA batch, then I’ll try a full run of the nuke.  Also cut1 I moved it from lasting 100 frames to 300 frames, as I think about it 3 seconds for a major scene is just to short, 12 seconds seems about right.  I can probably do some nuke rotoing while the maya is going, but I’m starting to burn out.

In P037_c001 I didn’t get a lidar of the shoes in the scene, which is turning a bit into a pain in the but.  I actually could do a camera solve on it, since I did a tripod rock on that clip (is the first 150 frames on the clip).  Also as people turns into the snake, with my “not showing his bum” modification, the snake is getting too small – so i need to raise the maya camera a bit and reshoot that sequence (i need to learn how to do a 2nd maya camera really, hopefully I’ll do that tonight without messing it up).  Kicking of the snake maya run now, only took me a few minutes to tweak it, and I don’t think I messed the camera up (i need to remember to save this session with a new version).

The Dog will have to be done in the early mourning, since it’s 11 PM now.