Finalizing the the look of People/Snake

The character People/Snake needs a specific look.  I was cleaning up P031_C007, the first scene that has People in it,  the feel is just “off”.  I need that look finalized for the kitchen scene and conversion to snake scene.  So doign some runs on that.  I want a watery blocky scale for it, I’ve visualized what I want last night while meditating .. so have to figure out how to get there in nuke.

I btw have my color correction station coming in soon, full Davinci Resolve with a larget Tanget panel (the real huge one).  Been trying to figure out where in the room to put it.

Also organizing my performance capture shots, I take no where enought notes when I do performance capture, I am starting to put that in the metadata … but the file system doesn’t show the meta data without me opening the files.

For the People to snake scene at the door I have a nice performance of that, but no idea what exact file that is.  I just finished moments ago moving all the performance capture data to the SAN, took about an hour.

LMBO … I actually did name the performance capture files decently past november, small miracles in my organizational skills.

On P031_C007(establishing shot of walking from bedroom then down stairs), is a fairly fast scene … i was having the chicken land and some interaction with the squirrel, is just too cluttered … so will be just the Painter and People in that scene. (every scene post time is pretty much dependent on how many actors are in a scene, I’m going to have fewer actors per scene, is cluttering the shot plus adding too much post vfx time).

Still on P031_C007, doing a lot of cutting … there will be btw CUT1 and CUT2 (actually look like two different shots with a cut. It ran like 1600 frames, but the timing just was off.  Now it’s straight time P031_C007_CUT1 and P031_C007_CUT2.   Also the chicken maya runs were just intermixed with stuff, and btw looked like chicken crap, so need to redo the maya runs.  Also the camera solve was horrible, with CUT1 and CUT2 no need for camera solves. … Well I did the clean up, the but maya run of people coming out of the painting will need to be redone.

Using people_to_snake_003.mvn for the ending of the kitchen shot and dog scaring shot. Woundering if I should move it from 240 fps to 24 fps, this has been such a pain to reduce the fps on the the animation by 10 … the motion builder filters are messing up on this for some reason.  I’m working on the files across the SAN, is real clean so far.  Using MVN i did export frame skip at 10, cross my fingers this will work better – hmmm … that worked perfectly, I think I’m going to skip motion builder for now.  Motionbuilder package btw cost me a TON and I’m not finding it very useful.  It’s a lot about which programs to master, and which things can be a time synch.

btw dealing with RED is a time synch.