Updated the shaders and integrating more performance capture

P029_C0010, the first kitchen scene, is the first scene to have tightly integrated r3d with the 240 fps xsen suite.  I have that in other scenes, but in that scene it’s all done by the book and is fully timed.  I need to do the egg cracking part on that, not exactly sure how to do it.  Also there’s a switch back and forth on that scene as People scares the dog and flips to a snake, so haven’t exactly determined the edit timing.  C010 is 700 frames, which is split.  What I think I might want to do is the medium shot of C010, the close shop of the malformed egg, then the people/dog shot, then cut back to c010 as the painter walks out (which then recuts back to the dog shot area).  I think this is the sequence I’ll be working on monday and tuesday.

Things are going fairly smoothly, but cable modem seems to be having problems.  Went out and got another modem, had to do all sorts of stuff regerstering it.  Network didn’t work for awhile.  Exablox SAN just came up, so that is fine.  Rebooting everything else … crossing fingers – well everything is working … miracle … but that took like 3 hours of the day (it’s 3:30 pm).  only 8 more hours I’ll be working today, so going to take a little break.