Dec 7-11th Weekly Plan

Here’s the scene list

  1. add chicken flying out of the starting scene as the bed pans (finished render)
  2. modify chicken on stairs scene, just doesn’t look right (finished render)
  3. the kitchen scene, all actors (including chicken, people, painter) … painter is all ready looking good (but use the new chaotic shader for water effect) (finished render)
  4. do the door scene … all shot and all the performance capture done (rough render)
  5. do a rough of the door to shed, (r3d done, and performance capture done), need to ponder dog (rough render)
  6. need to reblock the inside shed scene, maybe story board that a bit, as the painter goes to the black painting (go through r3d, might have something decent there) finished render
  7. complete a rough render of the women inside painting scene, need everything from performance capture to maya/vue.  also need to story board this. (proto render)
  8. get a rough of reel 1 and  spot for the music recording session.