Prores 4444 and always learning

I really like prores 4444, been flipping a lot of my files over to 4444, and also using the alpha channel.  I’ve also been modifying my water shader (my vfx routine that makes things look like water in the film), adding a bit of noise animation within the shader gives it a moving water feel and feeling of plasticity,

I need to finish up on some xStream lessons today.  I think I’ve caught up on my FXPHD classes, but i’ll check on those too.  So todays an experimenting day.

Had a lot of weird “stressful” type dreams last night, I meditate around 2 to 4 hours a day.  Somewhat result of this is will start meditation part time in the garden.  I also do quite a bit of breathing exercises while meditating, I’ll move those to in the garden.