Dec 4th Weekly Recap

I think I need to do a scrumish recap/close every week, friday seems a good day to do this.  Also going to do a weekly plan, sunday seems a good day to do this.

I just finished another class from Victor Perez where he was going over file referencing and linking in nuke.  Came at a perfect time, and I’ll switch to his method today (I was doing full path referencing, and that doesn’t allow me to move my nuke jobs quickly over to my 12 core PC when I need to do maya/vue stuff on my 20 core pc).

So here’s my recap


The vfx scenes where the r3d will not be used as a base where becoming problematic coding that all.  I researched options for doing full vfx created world scene, and bought Vue xStream and plant factory on blackfriday/cyber sunday.  Will be merging the world textures with r3d of the paintings, so am researching that methodology.  Finishing learning the basics of Vue and plant factory this week, so I can start the the dark puddles scene monday.  Completed previs and story development on the first two Vue based scenes. Completed move to shared nothing disk management, and conversion of nuke and maya scripts to indirect references.  Retimed the starting shots of the film in nuke, also redid the rotos for the first scenes of reel 1.

Another huge thing I’ve found through testing this week is by doing my colorspace workflow correctly, I can do almost all my compositing in prores 4444 and bet around 4 to 6 times faster in compositing.  Even the disk arrays go faster, since the files are large continuous blocks.  So by going with my rectangular pixels and prores 4444 workflows, I have a 4k workflow now that is significantly faster (atleast 4x faster and often 10x) then my previous workflows.  It’s a lot easier to organize too, since the file count is almost 1000x times fewer files.