Rebooting ….

90% of the time my local raid (which is thunderbolt on windows 7) isn’t seen by the OS the first time I boot in the mourning.  So I just don’t worry about it anymore (plus I keep my exablox SAN up to date), and reboot every mourning.  Arghh … windows 7 also isn’t seeing my SAN shares, though it can see the SAN servers, I really don’t want to move to window 10 and I have no idea if that will fix these weird windows disk issues (which are happening on my SAN and also my local thunderbolt raid … totally different manufacturers and connections … so is the OS).  Setting up my autodesk floating license server on windows 7 was totally hacky, so also don’t want to get into one of those license re-install & go crazy for 10 days things. hmmm … windows share’s started magically showing up … I have a love/hate relationship with windows.  I might just keep all my computers ON for December through February.

Going to put the tea on, also just decided to just not turn off any of my computers for a few months.  Here’s my computer setup, it’s kind of a 5.1 surround sound:

Left Side: license server

Left Front: nukex, nukestudio, maya, MVN, VUE, plantfactory

Center: protools, nukex, nukestudio

Right Front: email, maya, photoshop, training material,

Right Side: MVN(primary box for performance capture), license server

LFE: two exablox’s with a 10g switch over it

I have to keep my headphones on all the time it’s so noisy.  I am ordering a isobox (a sound isolation rack) this week to put the LFE two exablox’s and the 10g switch in.