Shot in kitchen with egg and the frying pan

R1. everything on the roto is NOT working; so mask out the pants and do a overlay in the xsen suite for the painter

  • Xsen suit for painter on that comp is … ? (C012 is July28_2015-20, C010 is july28_2015-018.MVN  … obviously the dates on the record are wrong, also comments in the file are wrong .. says C011; -19 is actually C011)
  • motion builder isn’t reducing the key count from 240 fps to 24 fps after doing the filter, i’ll just keep it at 24 fps, probably wouldn’t hurt if I do the particle release at 24 fps, if i’m doing a water simulation btw.
  • got the performance capture and my model now in maya, need to bring in the lidar tomorrow so I can aim the camera properly