Distribution options for the film

I have been working on distribution options for the film.  The 360 3D Top over Bottom format is my base format.  I am doing that in a 4k square (4k by 2k over 4k by 2k).  With this file format I can easily deliver a 2k dcp w 1080p as well as delivering options for oculus and vive.

Main problem I have been having recently is in the stereoscopic files the reflections are not properly aligned, just a lot of coding issues that are out of my control.  What I am doing is a lot more of the reflection and wave code then I wanted to do on the stereoscopic imaging.  Aside from “flat file” video distribution formats, I also have all the assets in nice unity directories for the franchise (for reuse into things like games).

The real goal is to have basic video files so they can go to flat screens and 3d viewers, then have another distribution on serious hardware (such as a uber pc running the best video cards with vive/oculus rift).  More long term is all have the assets in unity for all sorts of refresh options.