Editorial to Sound Workflow

Editorial is in premiere pro cc while sound is in protools hd 12.4.  I’m just going to lay out the spec interface between the two:

AAF Format between editorial to sound

Leader in front of 1:00:00:00 is 15 seconds, with a single lead out beep/frame at the end of the reel

240 frames pre/post of audio for each cut (i.e. there’s way too much audio takes, so editorial is just giving the 10 seconds before and after the cut)

Surround sound & Sound Design is done outside editorial, so the “sound” starts in protools for FX

Temp Tracks only on MX from editorial to sound (so music goes from protools to premiere only)

Dialog DX in protools is mono, with a DX track actor (painter,snake/people,women,boy,girl)

Dialog DX/FX, this is for the snake/squirrel/chicken … there’s a type of dialog for them so those are a bit tricky.  DX/FX start in protools and go to editorial as DX.  These DX in premiere are sent back to protools for final DX sound design.  Basically daily needs the DX/FX for the animals or the daily’s don’t make sense.

RX Stem – 4.0 stem with L/R/LR/RR even (needs to be mixed to 5.1), this is the surround sound room tone stem (for VR this is seperate stem, for film final this is embedded in 5.1 DX)

Stems back from Protools – RX,DX,MX,FX all come back from protools as 5.1 stems to premeire.  Any video edit’s that change these 5.1 stems need to be communicated back to sound with exact frame changes and a seperate 5.1 video & audio prores file that includes the mismatch (nice to have a marker on where the problems are).