Mixing 5.1 Audio in a VR Room

Since I record production at 5.1 (normally 6 mics, L,C,R,LR,RR -m149 for the lows, ccm41 for l,r,lr,rr, then center is with ku4/op6 cause I’m old school), I really like to hear the dailies and reels in 5.1 even when I’m not at a nice location.  On protoools using a mix of Spanner and waves DX, I can atleast validate that the 5.0 production audio acquisition is solid.  I’m also getting fairly decent with protools 12.4 doing 5.1 mixing, for some reason I find 5.1 mixing just a lot easier to do then stereo in a simulated 5.1 room.  Of course this will all go to a dubstage and most of my temp mixes will just be used as a reference.

I btw really like how the DX simulates a “real” 5.1 space by using the camera to modify the sound coming out of headphones.  The little realtime camera feed of a box around my head as i’m doing my mixing in protools seems appropriate as I’m doing editing of performance capture and matching that to surround sound foley.