VR Cinema Edit/Cuts & Camera movement

I think it’s real important in VR Cinema to minimize cuts and have smooth yet interesting camera moves.  I did have a bunch of camera cuts in some heavy VR scenes, and didn’t like them.  I just finished redoing the cuts using some real serious 3d processing, kind of a hassle but I think it is worth it.

The reason I think it’s important to minimize cuts and jerky camera moves is in a normal expereince the screen is only a small part of what your eye sees, lets say 20%.  But in VR the screen can cover around 80% of your vision, some cuts can be much more jarring up to the point of creating motion sickness.

Anyway, my approach is to shoot for VR then if someone wants to do a bunch of jump cuts and/or jerky camera stuff, they add that in post.  I try to have as clean as a camera move I can do while also giving depth to the experience (i.e. doing camera moves that allow depth queues even if the person is not seeing it in 3D).