VR 360 camera rig

vr_cameraHere’s a shot of my 360 video camera rig.  I do a lot of complex stuff in the sphere, so this doesn’t exactly get 360, but I’m able to get a consistent spherical image from this, then i center it on what I’m really interested on (and the rest of the sphere is actually doing loops)

It’s kind of nice since everything is run off of the battery (it’s below and to the right of the screen).  So I can quickly move the rig around.  Also it’s on a ball joint, so I can quickly put it on a large tripod or even a big jib.


I’ve also been working a bit on the 2nd reel plot twist.  Has worked out real nice, I have this quantum approach to plot development … where I go along with a wave of different story lines, then with a observation it creates a story state (i.e. pivot point in the story plot).

Was btw raining when I was doing my VR shot, super nice thing about this rig approach is I could move my umbrella around so I got a “360” degree experience in the rain … without any rain drops hitting the lens – now that’s a trick.