Doing the Spherical Frame render of the leaves

Doing the adaptive spherical frame renders of the leaves today, also have the leaves moving through the water.  The nuke particle system is pretty powerful, it took me 3 days to learn to do the more complicated stuff (i.e. I needed to use expressions with the more complicated nodes).  The way you can bounce particles with projections is very powerful.

My leaf render run is 100 seconds of a spherical frames against complex 3d models, is taking about 24 hours on a two 10 core Intel CPU & m6000 (and the CPU is at 100% most of the time).  We will see how it’s doing tomoroh, I might send it to the render farm tomoroh mourning bit it’s a bit too late tonight for me to package the run up for the farm (i’m doing a interactive render on it now, probably shouldn’t do such a massive render interactive, but I had to make some changes around 7 pm and am a bit burned out tonight).  I’m btw on nuke 9.0v8, with no memory leaks on this job at least 😉

I also need to do a cloud run, get that going tomoroh.  I really want Film Trailer 1 out friday (at least viewable by the exec team).

hmmm … 9:50 pm … render was going too slow, stopped the run and played with aliasing and normal options.   I think it was the aliasing option on the render, so  i moved it to no aliasing with no normal output – run length changed from 24 hours to 2 hours. Done by 7 am, i did notice a 20 gig memory leak but nuthing horrible, wouldn’t be a problem if it was running in a command line batch.  Doing a conversion to a “.mov” file so I can validate the render was good, so I can move on today.