4k vs 1080p

I did the leaf run at 1080p, man it just looks like crap.  I’m rerunning it now at 4k.  Also I noticed a small math problem where I had the leaves hit by the wind too much before they hit the water.  Also I had the water flow not hitting the leaves too much after it did hit the water.  Only 4 hours so isn’t a horrible render.  I am working of cinematography stuff mainly today too.  Also I have to figure out facebook integration today.

From principle photography it is hard stitching when there are things in the background that are moving.  My main problem on movement is wind of leaves & bushes.  At the same time I don’t like stitching stills with motion.  Also the feel of and blur of the master prime anamorphic lens is great, having that match with bluring a still on something like a cp2 21mm is a major pain.  I think if the entire shot has no anamorphic blur that easy, or if the shot has a exteremly shallow depth of field on the anamorphic, and everything else is blown out … that’s doable.  Rotating the anamorphic lens in 360 is kind of a hassle due to weight, the cp2 is a much lighter lens for quick rotational mapping.

I need to get my transitions worked out between spherical shots and flat shots, I just might  do a jump cut.  At least in the start of the film do jump cuts between immersive and non-immersive filming, then around mid point of the film start merging the flat and spherical cuts.  This also makes sense from a story viewpoint, so is what I’ll go with.