MOZVR and a-frame

I really like the html markup for VR called a-frame by the Mozilla group.  Is really clean and flexable, I can even do point based sound using the markup tags (which I think is pretty amazing).  Lot of exciting things happening in this area, anyone doing something right now is dealing with alpha and beta code so it’s not for the feint of heart.

I also like the nuendo/wwise integration that works with lumberyard, way more powerful but a major step up in complexity then just using tags.  I think I will be supporting both, along with google’s youtube 360 thing (the youtube approach is extremely easy conform from my Adaptive Spherical Frames but isn’t as flexable as the other approaches).  I’ll try and complete the youtube one first this week, then do the MOZVR/A-Frame … then just start learning the lumberyard/wwise/nuendo approach.

It’s 1 am, just finished my first “final” run of the leaves on the tree’s (did this for compositing for 1080p 360 video, will need a seperate run for feature distribution).