Live Action AFS filming

Though the vfx primarily generated Adaptive Spherical Frames are working well with my VR cinema system, for live action it hasn’t been so smooth.  I now have two weapon cameras with motion capture that are building up my adaptive spherical frames for live action sequences.  So far it’s been a bit easier then I expected, the first major live action shot with a AFS frame is when in the film the Model hands a cup of water to the Painter, and the painter walks outside.  I will actually have to reshoot that sequence, I will do that this week with the two RED weapon camera’s.  technically I should be genlocking and time sequencing everything for that shot, but next week I will align the times by hand.  Long term I think this AFS for live action will actually speed up shooting rather then slow it down (it currently is slowing down the number of shots I can do per day).