Just got my first test 360 test file loaded for Network Distribution

I just got my first 360 video test file loaded into youtube.  It basically represents a culmination of my testing with my adaptive frames for the film.  So each frame of the film is a adaptive frame which can then be distributed as VR (full depth mapped), normal 360 (pannable in 360 on a flat screen), quadHD normal, and/or anything else that makes sense.  The youtube test was my first “distribution” test, just to make sure it all works.  After I talk around, I’ll start working on 360 trailers for them film.

Hmmm … working on chrome … worked once on my android phone, but then didn’t run the 2nd time.  I don’t think this is my issue … probably just a lot of stuff on the network side that isn’t fully stable on vr video.  Though long term I think vr on the network is the way to go, I think short term it’s probably best to do things with downloads.  Of course this isn’t working with the apple browser at all, must be some kind of angle apple is pushing so things are not compatable?