Finishing last VFX sequence of reel one

I can’t wait till reel 1 is done.  Doing renders now on the last of the major vfx sequences need for reel 1.  This will be first “completed” section of the film, around 12 minutes … it’s really the first time someone can watch a section of the film and “get it”.  Previous to this, my mix of live action, performance capture, and complex story … was so far out there it was hard for people to really understand what I was doing.  Which the last major vfx sequences in reel 1 running, it’s also a emotional confirmation to my self that I can do a “A” level live action film … up to this point it was 90% bravado.

It’s going to take 12 hours to render this sequence, I’m unfortantly under NDA on the most critical piece of software I’m running to do this, so can’t do a screen dump.