Trying to decide on the little girl “look”

I know, I know, I should have decided on the little girl “look” for rendering a long time ago.  But I have learned a lot from rendering the women, also I want the little girl to have a completely different look then the women.  Also there is some “plot” stuff that has come up where doing some complex meshing based on particles I think could work.  I of course do the performance capture for the little girl, lmao but the animation feels a bit more like a monkey then a little girl … but what do you expect.  Here’s a shot from maya on binding the new girl mesh to the performance capture skeleton (this is her going down the stairs):


I have also improved my VR cinema jobs by a factor of about 10, so that free’s me up to do some things that I wouldn’t have tried.  I still need to finish the little girl scene this week.