Performance Capture Synchonization

Well this is how I am doing the performance capture breakdown.

OK … lets try to lay out the syncs per shot.

Shot1 – painter looking at model with camera move through pool

Performance capture 3 (my maya lingo is Name Space 3, or NS3) frame 1132-1890

camera pan is around 1316 from NS3.

From NS2 (the girl) it starts at NS2 Frame 200 with camera following around 1962

Shot2 – girl films up cup

really a continuation shot from over the sholder of the model to over the shoulder on the girl (1962) which is 780 from NS2  [ just do a straight cut, lets not get too fancy] because of the skip stretch needed on NS2 because of the 2X size difference of the model

sho3 – hand over cup from girl to model, then model to painter

NS3 2264 to 2686 (hand over)

shot4 – back to real space