merged two characters

I was having problems with two characters “people” and the “snake”, there were plot conflicts and I had a couple of scenes in the first reel that were not making sense.  I’ll shoot a new scene at the back door with people and the dog, will pull everything together. Huge sigh of relief.  I’ll also have to do some xsen captures for this, thinking about it since the dog and people are fully animated, all I will need to do is shoot some cold plates.  Actually I should with the same angle have the painter go through the door and put his shoe’s on, so I will also shoot footage for that.  I’ll also do a laser scan of the area [remember to put shades down the on the laser scan so i don’t get weird measurements].

Been going through the extended edition of the hobbit, learning a ton from that (especially how they dealt with plot problems, and re-did things in the extended edition).