Anamorphic Flow with Maya

I prefer outputting my EXR files in anamorphic rectangles, and was having problems doing that.  Now I set in the camera shape:

  1. Camera aperture at 18.96, 15.8
  2. Lens Sqeeze 2
  3. fit resolution gate: fill (hmm … seems “overscan” works better? … need to look this up)
  4. on the image plane i set the placement tab to “fit: to size” and then click on “film gate” in
  5. click on the render tabs, goto the render settings, select device aspect ratio, type in 2048 then 1716, make sure device aspect ratio is 2.37 and pixel aspect ratio is 2

Hmmm … saving this as an asset … i think i have it worked out.  Is nice because now I basically am doing 4k deep pixel renders at lets see … around 5 seconds per frame.

Had some exr errors on the mac, no idea what went on but ran nukex on windows (actually rendered to the maya director on P031_C007 (painter down stairs, squirrel jumps onto peoples head).