Puddles of Light is a four film tetralogy, set in a world where people are made of puddles of paint. In this world the food and water supply has become tainted by those whom are disconnected from their emotional base, while creating wide spread metabolic diseases that people emotionally blame themselves for. Given this backdrop, the first film starts with a isolated male mixed media artist, whom’s model and little girl have passed away into a painting.
boy_petting_dogFrom the painter’s perspective, the film is shot using traditional anamorphic rectangular frames using real sets which are centered within a house filled with paintings. In all cases, the actual actors are using performance capture suites where special effects modifies the actors bodies to appear as semi transparent liquid paints. On about half of the scenes the audience transitions into the paintings which are constructed via VFX processing using adaptive spherical frames based on the real paintings shot in production.

yt360_4k_2481Adaptive spherical frames allow the audience to be immersed into the paintings using a multitude of distribution techniques. For example left/center/right frames can be created for immersive theater experiences (such as Barco Escape), 2k frames can be shot within the adaptive sphere for traditional distribution, 360 video can be created for tablet and computer distribution, and 3D-VR can be created as a distribution format. The point of adaptive spherical frame approach primarily being separating the creative post process from various post, distribution & network functions, allowing extreme creative direction while maintaining cost – yet also creating flexable options for major networks for multi-staged release approaches and adaptive distribution.

Production & Post Production is at a point where the process has been tested, creating the initial first reel of the film which introduces the audience to the characters and the transition between the real world and the virtual world. At this point the project has tested all aspects of the film as relating to creative direction and validating the technology that separates the creative direction from the required processes to create high quality distribution.

Status of the film can be viewed publicly at By request, completed 4k film scenes are available with adaptive frame sequences.